• E-mail Questions
    Can I have my own porn mailing list
    Yes, Teleteria is pleased to provide you with mailing lists.
    Do e-mail messages add up to my disk quota?
    No, we have allocated a generous amount of storage for everyone's email messages for free.
    How do the old e-mail messages get deleted from a server?
    You have full control over when your e-mail messages get deleted from a server. All popular email clients have the capability to control it. Please make sure your email client is set to delete them once they are download from a server. This will keep your POP account clean from old email message.
    What's an autoresponder?
    Autoresponder is a program which automatically replies to an email message sent to a particular email address. For example, if you can't check your email for some reason, perhaps you are on vacation, you can set up an autoresponder, vacation@yourdomain.com, which will automatically send a reply message to the sender with a custom message you provide. You can setup autoresponders from the control panel.
    What's an e-mail forwarding?
    Email forwarding is the ability to forward email from one email address to another. So you can have all the email going to webmaster@yourdomain.com be forwarded to webmaster@anotherdomain.com. Our system allows you to forward email to more than one destination. http://mydomain.com/control-panel/ is the place where you can do all your email management.
    What's an e-mail alias?
    Email alias is an email address (ex: admin@yourdomain.com ) which you alias to a POP account. So let's say that you have POP account webmaster@yourdomain.com and you want all the email sent to admin@yourdomain.com to be picked up from webmaster POP account, you would go to http://yourdomain.com/control-panel/ and alias admin@mydomain.com to the webmaster POP account.
    What's a POP account?
    POP account is a special email account located on our physical server where email messages get stored. Usually, it is referred to as a username which you use to connect to the mail server to pick up your email. On our servers, if you have POP account webmaster and your domain is example.com then your pop account user is webmaster%example.com.


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