• DNS (Domain Name System) Questions
    How can I modify my domain?
    Contact the registrar you registered your domain with to make any changes. Usually, they would provide a web-based interface where this can be done.
    Can I register more than one domain?
    Absolutely. You can register and point as many domains as you need to your website, however, there is a fee for each pointer we setup for you.
    How do I register a domain?
    You can do this at any domain registrar. We recommend www.DirectNic.com. You can see a full list of domain registrars here: ICANN Don't forget to use our Name Servers when asked.
    What's a domain pointer?
    Usually users have only one domain, theirdomain.com. However, sometimes, there is more than one domain through which a user wants to access his/hers website. This additional domain is called a domain pointer/alias. There is a fee you have to pay for additional domain pointers. See add-ons for pricing information.
    What's a sub-domain?
    The concept of sub-domain is better illustrated by an example. For instance you registered domain for your family - www.yourfamily.com. Then you find out that Mom, Dad, and Brother all want to have their own domain name. So instead of registering a separate domain name for each of you, you can use a sub-domain like so: dad.yourfamily.com mom.yourfamily.com brother.yourfamily.com These three above are called sub-domains of yourfamily.com, because they are located under yourfamily.com domain effectively dividing it into three parts.
    What's a domain name?
    Computers in a network communicate using IP addresses (ex: But for us, humans, it's rather difficult to deal with numbers. That's why DNS allows us to represent these addresses using descriptive names. So, instead of connecting to to get data, we can name that address: www.yourdomain.com. That descriptive name is called a domain name.


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