• CGI (Common Gateway Interface) Questions
    What can I do if I'm stuck and need to have a CGI installed?
    First, you should read all of the documentation that came with the script. If that doesn't help, you should contact the author of the script. If that fails as well, contact us at tech@acceleratedweb.com or through the web by going to our support section.
    Can someone else read my CGI scripts?
    No! We worked very hard on creating the most secure web hosting environment ever. Unlike other systems where users can read each other scripts, on our system you and only you have access to your scripts.
    What's a relative path?
    A relative pathname is a path that doesn't begin with a forward slash and is relative to some directory.
    What's an absolute path?
    Absolute path is a path that starts with / ( root directory). Ex: /usr/local/bin/perl If a path does not begin with a forward slash, then it's a relative path.
    Where is sendmail?
    Where is Perl installed?
    /usr/local/bin/perl or /usr/bin/perl
    What permissions do I have to set on my CGI scripts?
    The folder in which you place your CGI program should be chmod to 755 ( web server will refuse to run if writeable permission is set for either group or other). The CGI program itself must be chmoded to 755.
    Where do I upload my CGI scripts to?
    You upload them into cgi-bin folder which is located in your home directory.
    Can I run CGIs on my account?
    Yes, you get your own dedicated cgi-bin for all of your CGI purposes.
    What is cgi-bin for?
    The cgi-bin folder is the place for your CGI programs. Anything you put into cgi-bin and go to it through a browser will be executed if the right permissions are set.

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